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Lacy LeBlanc

Name: Lacy LeBlanc    Company: Bag-Gang Official Model  
Hometown: North of Toronto, Ontario    Industry: Modeling & Psychology

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“I am… Illumination Idealism. Poetry . Art . Symbols . Expression . Dreamer . Revolution . Alternate Consciousness . Prisoner. Prophet.” – Lacy Leblanc

When making an article of clothing, you use lace to bring an elegant or sexy feel to the garment. When it comes to Canadian Beauty Lacy LeBlanc she is LACED-UP with a style full of Sexy Elegance. Although she has been signed by Ford Models, Flare Models, Orange Models, and Shok… modeling isn’t the only hat she wears. Lacy has a background in Hair Styling and Make-up, making her a valuable commodity in front of and behind the camera.

“Working freelance gives me completely control over my career and future which gives me more work, but many more opportunities.”

BagGangExclusive.com Presents LACED UP with Lacy LeBlanc  (13)


*She has a gorgeous look that light up photos when the camera flash!

“I like to have fun on my shoots,
but I also take my work very seriously.”

* She has the ability to be Sexy but Classy!

“I pull my boobs out for a living, and I love it;
I am playful, FOCUSED, and easygoing.”

* She has the confidence to be push the envelope but maintain her unique style.

“I fight for what I believe in and
find thrills in striving for my goals.”

BagGangExclusive.com Presents LACED UP with Lacy LeBlanc  (15)

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. . : : * Lacy LeBlanc STATS * : : . .

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Mixed: Half British, Half Trini

Height: 5’5”

Bust: 33”

Waist: 26”

Hip: 31”

Shoe: 7

Dress: 0

“I don’t believe in hiding your true colours or lying to uphold an image. Truth is the best poetry, and every line makes a motion.”

. . : : * Lacy LeBlanc Exclusive Interview * : : . .

* What makes you an Exclusive commodity to work with?
A couple of things I have been praised on in the past are my professionalism, my creativity and strong sense of self. I am mostly praised on my professionalism; I take pride in my work and always strive to do my best. In the end, this is my passion, but also my current career so I have to treat it with respect if I want to be successful. I am also often praised for my unique sense of creativity and fearlessness when using it, which is practical when styling my shoots and keeping my work exclusive from others in the industry. My strong sense of self is something else I am constantly being praised for, being able to distinguish who I am and what I want, and from such a young age… a few people I’ve worked with have admitted being surprised with how intelligible I actually am at such a young age.

* What’s your most Exclusive Asset?
My personal favorite asset is my mind, but my most complimented asset would be my eyes, deadly.

* Where’s the most Exclusive place in the world?
I have many hidden corners in this world that I love to go to when I want peace of mind. Some of my favorite places in this world are Hollywood, Toronto, and Montreal. As much as I love my alone time, I am a big city girl, big cities have big opportunities.

* Do you have any Upcoming Exclusives…
I am always working on my modeling work, different types of shoots, shows, workshops, and much more. I am currently looking into furthering my burlesque work but that is in the early stages. Keep updated with any of my social networks 😉

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