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Las Vegas Wellness Institute Premiere Weekend:

Legends Ranch - Las Vegas

On January 18-20, 2013 *BABY I LIKE IT RAW!* hosted the Premiere Weekend for the Las Vegas Wellness Institute at the Legends Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. It was an exclusive weekend of learning the luxury of healthy living. Chef Stacey Dougan showed visitors how to make delicious Raw Meals (a combination of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits; but no meat but ask her to make a Mock Chiken Taco and you will be blown away!) with simple ingredients, that are made simple so they can be enjoyed for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Raw Mixoligist Shane Stuart showed visitors how to make delicious smoothies and ice creams using a unique combination of fruits and vegetables. Also Shane hosted class called “Salvation in a Blender” where he showed visitors how to make items in the cabinet straight out of Vitamix. (The cashew butter made you want to never eat peanut butter from a store ever again!) Visitors took part in amazing lectures from incredible speakers (Including Dr. William & Linda Dougan, Brigitte Papp, Jenn Ryan and more!) add that with horse theory from a beautiful Arabian horse, mixed with a relaxing ambiance of the ranch… equals a peaceful weekend for you mind body and soul. Visitors also were able to visit Ikelene Boh (who is a True Warrior – full interview coming soon to and received a bio-scan and learn about the imbalance of their bodies. Plus a surprise visit from the incredible Dr. Thomas Lodi (He was at the ranch speaking while a room full of people was waiting for him at an event. He still took time out to visit the ranch and blessed visitors with some healthy nuggets of life.) This is a first of It’s kind in Las Vegas, bringing many alternative healing methods for your mind, body and soul.

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