// FLEX DAY * : : . .

.  .  :  :  *  C E L E B R A T I N G   T H E   L I F E   O F   F  L  E  X  *  :  :  .  .

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July 14, 2008 Detroit Police murdered
Terry Robinson aka Flex,
this day will forever be know as

. . : : * FLEX DAY * : : . .

For his love of cars and the latest fashion, he gained the nickname Flex at an early age and over the years it would be respected and loved. As the C.E.O. of Cut Throat Entertainment he help break the names of many Detroit Rappers such as the Eastside Chedda Boys, Diablo aka Blo-Money and S.I.A. just to name a few.

When it came to cars it was a true passion of his, from riding the latest rims to ability to work on a car inside and out. Before he was murder he actually had opened up an Auto Shop. Flex was a always know for having a 2-Door Chevy Malibu which became one of his trademarks in the streets.

Know for his ruthless reputation for not backing down from anyone Flex also was know as “T-Zilla” because he could turn into Godzilla over his family or crew. Although he was monster in the streets, he was a true gentleman to ladies.

He was a true business man, one night during Blo Money’s Show I’ve seen him pay to get 20 people into the club and it was only one person performing. Flex was also responsible for collaborating with I94 Entertainment to host a Comedy Showcase that featured comedians that appeared on BET’s Comic View and the event was a success.

There truly wasn’t anything Flex wouldn’t do for his family or for his friends. This is what made him the Realist Goons I’ve known and one of the Best C.E.O.’s I’ve seen. With Flex it wasn’t about him just shinning, his main mission was to see the whole team FLEX.

. . : : * REST IN PEACE * : : . .
“T-ZILLA ‘08”

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One thought on “// FLEX DAY * : : . .

  1. One my favorite memories of Flex is after a Show we caught a flat at 2:00 in the morning… so we went to the car lot and pulled out another car just so we can make it to the after party. The funny part about it was the price of the car was still on the windshield. Everybody that came in, kept asking who had the car for sell out front. Flex keep saying we Cut Throat Entertainment & we Cut Throat Motors… The next day we was sitting in the car lot laughing about the night… that was the day he told me not worry about the streets and stay focus on the business, he really saw my vision. Love you Kuz!

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