Orsos Island Pad

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Orsos Island Pad:

Here’s a look at the latest man-made getaway by Austrian-based firm Orsos Islands. The yacht-like getaway serves as an island that can accommodate up to 12 People in six double rooms and 4 Staff Members. With a price tag of $4.7Million the 121ft x 65ft man-made pad is enough room to enjoy your getaway with a large sun deck with a sun roof, a large Jacuzzi and sun beds. But the fun does stop there, the pad also features a covered barbecue area complete with a bar. While the lowest level located below water line is great for entertainment with it’s lavish event space. The main deck features an aquarium, kitchenette, another bar and a restaurant. The pad has a unique power supply based energy system that utilizes wind energy, solar energy and heat recovery from sea water as the source of energy making this man-made island eco-friendly. The shinning glimmer of this jewel is It’s ablitie to connect to other Orsos Islands through a fixed or floating dock system, which in turn can be connected to the mainland.

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