Told U So Superyacht

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Told U So Superyacht:

Told U So isn’t a the words of a person collecting bragging rights, but they are words that will get you respect on the waters as you cruise in the lap of luxury. Molori Private Retreats has created another jewel with their Superyacht called Told U So! Molori Private Retreats already hold two prestigious World Yacht Trophies but they have a true winner with the Told U So.

Decked out in using the highest quality woods, marble and fine fabrics Told U So offers both a luxurious experience and personality. Described as a ‘Globalization of Luxury’ the Told U So can accommodate up to ten guests, equipped with five guest cabins, including the lavish Owner’s quarters, swimming pool, formal dining area and bathrooms that would make your mansion look like an apartment. This is truly a work of art.

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