Killer Artwork

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Killer Artwork:

When shopping for artwork, you look for a unique quality to match the personality either of yourself or the room you want to compliment. You don’t have to be a gun lover to appreciate this killer artwork by contemporary artist Dustin Yellin. His latest work is of a Three-dimensional AK-47. At first glance, it looks like an AK-47 in a glass case but it’s a more sophisticated piece.
Yellin came up with a unique process of painting with ink on several layers of glass, putting them all together for a three dimensional effect! Priced at $9,000 this is a nice shoot of luxury even though you cannot fire the gun, but you will get great laughs out of asking your friends to take the gun off the wall.

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Here’s some more of Dustin Yellin’s artwork, to see his complete collection visit

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