Melanie Amaro – The American Success Story

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Melanie Amaro – The American Success Story:

Here’s a look at the success story of the year and testament of Faith and Dedication. After being cut from the show “X-Factor US” Executive Producer Simon Cowell quickly realized that he made a huge mistake by letting go 19-year-old Melanie Amaro. Simon then hopped on the plane and flew to Sunrise, Florida to knock on Melanie’s door and asked her back on the show. She came back to the show with a major burst of fire in here voice, her words came out like diamonds… beautiful but killing the competition.

After the performance with R&B Legend R. Kelly, her true star quality was displayed and probably was the deciding factor in her winning The X-Factor. Melanie made X-Factor history by becoming the first American Champion. She received a $5 Million Recording Contract and a Starring Role in a Pepsi Commercial. It’s safe to say *SHE GOT IT IN THE BAG!*

“Never give up on your Dream, overcoming rejection will make you successful.
Keep God First and watch how miracles work.”
– Derrick Lampkin (Bag-Gang General Manager)

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