Chef Stacey Dougan

Chef Stacey Dougan

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Chef Stacey Dougan:

After attending a private tasting for the menu at Greens & Protein in Las Vegas, my eyes was clearly opened to the talent and impressive skills held by Chef Stacey Dougan. Currently she is the only Vegan Chef at the Wynn Hotel & Resort even though she prepares delicious meals outside her personal eating habits. She is a Chef to the stars but  her food is what shines from the kitchen to the dinner table. Her professionalism and  relentless business grind is the reason why Bag-Gang salutes Chef Stacey Dougan.

Speaking from personal experiences of never trying Vegan alternatives previously, I was impressed by the explosive flavors and the higher quality of taste. I quickly learned at the tasting at Greens & Proteins that it is all in the Chef that prepares the food. Every single person, including the children that were present, cleaned their plates.  Everyone was curious to know how raw ingredients could mimics cooked foods.

For you all who don’t know what a raw Chef is… it is a chef that does not heat any of the ingredients in the dish over a temperature of 118 degrees. This is to preserve all of the natural vitamins and minerals in the food.  A raw chef also uses fresh organic ingredients.

Below is a preview of some of Chef Stacey Dougan’s vegan alternatives.  The taste of these dishes will blow you away

Vegan Crab Cakes
*She usually compliments them with a Lemon Aioli Sauce!

Roasted Potatoes
*Seasoned just right!

Grilled Asparagus

Vegan Italian Sausage Kebabs

* The photos above are from an all vegan wedding for Steve and Sarah Schwass catered by Chef Stacey Dougan. I personally attended this wedding and was impressed by all of the compliments that Chef Stacey received about her food. I marveled at the curiosity of the guests as they inquired about what makes her food so special, unique and enjoyable.

Here’s an interview with Chef Stacey Dougan and Meka Milan of the Rawlicious Chefs.  In this interview, Chef Stacey discusses her passion for cooking, how she got started in her career and her plans for the future… …

Chef Stay Dougan recently has started Baby I Like It Raw! with Mixologist Shane Stuart and Celebrity Chef Zeth Hackabay. Baby I Like It Raw! has become  the new face of Gourmet Raw Foods & Drinks. Look for it to the new hottest thing on the Las Vegas scene!

Here a preview of some of the Raw Foods Chef Stacey Dougan uniquely prepares…

with Dehydrated Corn Tortilla Chips, Walnut Chili, Cashew Con Queso, Avocado Salad
and a Mango Lime Salsa

Raw Chili-Cheeze-Fries!

Raw Peach Tart
with Almond Date Crust

But the best part is that Chef Stacey Dougan doesn’t keep her Vegan secrets to herself, she teaches a Raw Foods Class at Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas. For more information on Chef Stacey Dougan, to sign up for her Whole Foods Market class or to book her for catering visit her official website…

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Check Out This Exclusive Photo…
Chef Stacey Dougan and the Ladies of Success * (COMING SOON!) * with General Manager Derrick Lampkin:


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